Sunday 1 May 2011

Big Blossom!

A few days ago I was out in the garden and I saw this:

Massive flowers on the rhododendron!

Beautiful tissue paper flowers on the tree peony!

Cobwebs on the peony bud!

And can you see who is paying Molly-the-witch a visit.....?

Talk about camouflage I didn't see the cheeky rascal until editing the photo!!

Shall we take a closer look

These flowers are huge and although I love leaves I have to admit I love these more - fleeting as they are. 

Shhhh!  Don't let the leaves know!



  1. Beautiful photo's Nicky.... those flowers are stunning!

  2. We clearly live in different climates as these are the things that are just now blooming in my yard in New England!


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