Friday 30 October 2015

Siblings Together bee block for November

I am asking my lovely bee members to make this block

Which should make a quilt like this

The block is made from 4.5" squares, and finishes at 20" or 20.5" unfinished.

Any colour combination is fine but the central block should be dark and can be fussy cut (not obligatory). The rest of the layout can be seen in the above diagram.   

Alternately you can make this from 4.5" X 18" strips and cross cut the strips.

Cut 4.5" X 18" strips of each:

1 of cornerstone fabric A
2 of outer LV fabric B
2 of contrast fabric C
1 of inner LV fabric D

Plus one dark centre 4.5" square E

Stitch together :

One strip B and A
One strip B and C
One strip C and D

Press strips and crosscut at 4.5" intervals - you should have four units of each strip set.

Arrange as follows:

Stitch centre single row and then both double rows on either side.

Then stitch the central row to each side.

The block is complete and should measure 20.5" unfinished.

Now you could stop there, but I am hoping you will help me trial putting a quilt as you go quilt together.  In which case ....

Layer with a 22" piece of wadding and backing fabric (something Low Volume please) and baste.  

Stitch in the ditch (the seamline) in a grid pattern or any other pattern you prefer. 

Thank you

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Scrap quilts finished

Scraptastic Tuesday

I have been a bit shocked by my lack of productivity this last quarter so trying to make up for it I have been in a flurry of finishing this month

This sampler quilt started as a top gifted from a friend and I have quilted and bound it.

This quilt started as a medallion centre from the lovely Catherine - I added rows around it to make it a bit bigger then quilted and bound it. 

This quilt started as blocks and strips of fabric donated by Sally.  I had the pleasure of meeting her in real life at Stitch Gathering recently.

The fabric for this quilt came from the very generous Emma - the pattern from the Moda website.

This quilt was almost complete - I just added that little strip of lime green, the navy border and finished it

And this one was a series of blocks and pieces to make the blocks - both of these from the lovely Gayle Brindley.

So what were once scraps, as in orphan blocks and bits of fabrics are now made into six quilts for Siblings Together.  That has been a great start to my quarter four I think!

Stingy Bee - how I love you and what you do!

I have become a lazy blogger but ever present on Instagram (IG: nickyeglinton) if you want to catch up with my photos and work in progress.

I have to say I love my bees - it sometimes takes a while to find a place where you feel comfortable but I think it is worth the effort.  Sometimes I have drifted through, loving the experience, and 'meeting' new people, but often because of circumstances it hasn't been a good fit.  

I was even crazy enough to enjoy five bees at once - I won't do that again! 

Too many bee blocks to make in a month, and send to all parts of the world.  Also too many quilts going at the same time!  

Don't laugh!  I know I'm making lots now but they are not for me to keep.

My quilts with Stingy Bee - or Bee a Brit Stingy (official title) - have been fabulous, each one!  

This was year one

Year two - my lovely Nordik quilt which I haven't quilted yet

And this is what year three looks like so far with one row to come

I am very excited about this one!

Tuesday 20 October 2015

A Year of Scraptastic Tuesday - October winners!

Scraptastic Tuesday

So have you been busy scrapping this month!?   

Leanne and I have now been running this linky party for a whole year .....I find it hard to believe!   Do you?

It has been so inspiring for us and I have made lots of scrappy quilts during this time.

Here is a couple of mosaics of my scrappy projects

I seems quite amazing to realise I have made so many but then I had help with quite a few! And some started before our linky party but I finished them during.

With so many quilts you would think I wouldn't have any scraps left but the truth is I seem to have more!   How does that work?

So it looks like I need to keep scrapping and would love some company along the way...

A huge thank you to our generous sponsors for providing the following prizes which have been awarded randomly among those of you who link up to the lucky winners listed:
It's a busy work day today, so winners, please watch for an email later on to get you matched up with your prizes.

Please plan to join Leanne from She Can Quilt and I for the November Scraptastic Tuesday Link Up on November 10, which will be the second Tuesday in November.  

Thursday 15 October 2015

FAL 2015 Quarter 4

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Well I don't seem to have finished anything in Quarter three so I am reposting my previous mosaics/list and hoping for a bit more success this time around.

My rollover projects from Q1, 2 and 3

Main photo:  Double Wedding Ring - a scrappy project I'm making at the same time as Trudi and Jude make theirs
Top Right, down the right and left:  Nordik - my stingy bee quilt from 2014
Hexy stars - blocks from Gayle and Helen to make a Siblings Together quilt
Square in a square blocks from swap - must continue making these with ome cute fussy cut centres
Miscellany - Lots of leftovers from other projects to make into quilts for Siblings Together
Vintage Circles - Just need to add more to this top
KLT2 - KLT scraps and LV 

New projects....

Top Row: Clothes - I used to make them, have seen lots of people do it and want to have another go; Bring Me Flowers , pattern by Jen Kingwell; Eat your Greens - scrappy project for Siblings Together; Medallion starter from Catherine that I will work on for Siblings Together

Middle Row:  Fabric from Emma to make two quilts for Siblings Together - Kaleidoscope quilts, one nearly finished; Scandi Christmas 2 projects for Fat Quarterly; Stars & Pinwheels from Catherine for Siblings Together

Bottom Row: Alfie RabbitScrappy applique quilt; Fruity Swirl blocks from Catherine for a Siblings Together quilt;  Square blocks from @Salamanda001 for a Siblings Together quilt 

To be honest I think I finished so much in Quarters 1 and 2 that I wore myself out!

The main ones I want to finish are my UFOs – Vintage circles and Nordik.   I did get the tops finished in quarter three and that was a major achievement but now that I'm really happy with both tops I'm feeling a bit tentative about quilting them.   

I'm also adding a few projects below to the already long list....A couple of bee quilts, a few newish starts and more tops or partial projects donated by supporters of Siblings Together - together we are completing ufos and making them into something useful.  I feel very happy about that.

Alhambra Quilt

Stingy Bee row quilt

Drunkard's Path/HST block quilt top and Star top donated by Gayle Brindley for Siblings Together

KLT Wonky Star top

Christmas Quilt top (no photo yet)
and Pink and Green Sampler top made by Britt

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday - October link up please!

Scraptastic Tuesday

I'm sorry to have been missing for a while - life got in the way and something had to give - it turned out to be my little blog here!

One of the life issues, was taking a little break from England, and venturing North to my Mother country of Scotland.  It is a breath-takingly beautiful country and I do miss it's rugged nature.  The part of England I am in, is a lot tamer, but still lovely - it's just not what I was brought up looking at.

I managed to fit in a bit of visiting and attending the one day stitching retreat that is Stitch Gathering, beautifully run by the very lovely Jo and her fabulous team in the fair city of Edinburgh. 

This was so much fun that I'll definitely be wanting to go again next year!

A highlight for me was meeting up with this lovely lady!

Yes it is Sheila - I've only been running a bee with her for just short of three years and this is the first time we have met.    I have only one lady in the bee to meet face to face and she should be warned I am on the case!  

To make sure I met Sheila, I joined in her Megapinnie class (tutorial on Sheila's blog), and I made this scrappy one, 

....using my citrus coloured Karen Lewis Textiles scraps!  I am celebrating two lovely friendships in one item! I love it and am enjoying using it along with the one Sheila made for me when our bee started out!  The teacup pinnie was a fabulous gift from Sheila. 

Now, its time for you to link up and share your scrappy projects to inspire us all.

A huge thank you to our generous sponsors for providing the following prizes which will be awarded randomly among those of you who link up:
  • Massdrop - a Scented Half Yard Bundle
      Please join Leanne - She Can Quilt and I by linking up a blog post or flickr or instagram photo sharing a scrappy project, in progress or finished, or your thoughts on dealing with your scrap mountain:
      • You don't have to have joined us before, everyone is welcome.
      • One link per person, and it will be your entry into the random draw for the prizes. It is the same link up here and at Leanne's blog - so you only need to link up on one of our blogs.
      • Please visit at least a few of the links, they are very inspiring, and leave comments too as everyone loves to connect. 
      • Use the Scraptastic Tuesday button if you like (code is on the sidebar) and invite your friends to join us too. 
      • The link is open until next Monday night at 10:00 pm MST. We will announce the winners next Tuesday. 
      • If you have trouble linking up, let me or Leanne know and we will get you sorted.


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