Friday 20 May 2011

Kaleidoscope hexagon revisited!

Here is the latest progress on this quilt.  I have chosen my backing fabric - in line with the front it is bold and quite 'in yer face'!  Is is too brutal?

I think it goes with the art deco theme of the front and obviously with the dots!

I am quilting this by hand - hand pieced, so hand quilted.  I haven't quilted in ages and after a dodgy start (on another quilt) I am finding this quite relaxing...ahhh!  Cup of tea by my side, watching 'Spiral' - a gripping serial murder in French with subtitles on my laptop via BBC i-player!  Bit gruesome but apparently good for quilting to?? I surprise myself!

So far I have only quilted a few of the black areas in black quilting thread - don't know if I should quilt the coloured areas?  and if I do what colour or pattern?  Oh well still a long way to go to finish the black...can you just about see the quilted diamonds in the tumblers and there are two concentric circles in the dotty circle centres.  Bit difficult to photograph this!

If you have any suggestions for quilting the coloured bits I would welcome them as I am a bit stuck for inspiration.



  1. I love the backing fabric! It looks fantastic with the top :) Quilting patterns always stump me - but what about in the colored areas taking it straight down the middle and then {where the three tumblers meet} down the middle again. On the back it will give you a sort of spinning...windmill effect....maybe? It looks fantastic!

  2. oh I don't know what to suggest I am sure the more you hand quilt the right idea will come to you!
    keep going and please keep sharing it with us


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