Saturday 7 May 2011

New York Beauty

I attended a course on this block way back in November 2007!  Oh my that was a while ago!  It was at my LQS led by Gwen Jones.

I was quite excited about this course thinking I'd learn to sew curves but it was sort of a cheat as we applied the curves rather than sewed the seams.  Not quite what I was expecting!

view of the back - so neat!

I'm afraid I don't like foundation piecing enough to want to do a whole quilt of it so I will now just make it a small project and finish it off.  I do like the fabric though - bold and bright.

The non-coordinating border, with perfect points:

If you want perfect points - go foundation piecing for sure!  May have another go some time...


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  1. Oh but Nicky - it is so beautiful! Are you sure you don't want to just finish it? Maybe you should just make a pillow out of it? It is lovely!


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