Monday 2 May 2011

Little Heart Runner!

I found the pattern for this little heart runner on the Be Mine Blog Tour at Sherri's blog A Quilting Life.  She has made a great tutorial.  Thank you Sherri!

I used this little runner to again practice my machine quilting - don't think I was ready for the curves lesson so that's why I started out with straight lines on the monochrome project!

But you have to start somewhere, I never said I was good at it but I do hope to improve.  At least I am up for the may be a waste of time, only time will tell..

It was meant to be ready for Valentine's Day - and it is for 2012!  But love is good all year round anyway - don't you think?  Especially after the Wedding, I guess!

I still think it is cute in a wonky sort of way - maybe the rough edges of my heart reflect my more prickly moments??  Hehe!  I like the fabrics anyway and if you are a perfectionist - just close your eyes! 

At the very least I must make you feel great as you are bound to be better than this - but watch out I'm practising...Lol!  I will keep it to mark my progress (if I make any???)  What I couldn't work out was whether it was better to have the feed dogs up or down.  I think I tried both on this piece but my best effort was when they were up.  I probably need to do a bit more research and lots more practice!! Oh yes plenty of practice....

What are you practising?



  1. Hi! Thanks for the lovely message on my blog, I love your runner and your fabric choices. I am practising free motion quilting, as you say, you have to start somewhere!. I bought a book called fresh quilting and it embraces all the wonky lines and really does add to the charm of a quilt, its made me look at my work a little more positively, definitely worth a read :-)

  2. That looks terrific and it is true practice helps to get better!
    I have free motioned with feed dogs up or down' I generally put them down so my fabric can move more smoothly.


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