Thursday 19 May 2011

Applique Quilt post no. 3

This is my third post about my blocks from this quilt design by Alma Allen and Cherie Ralston, which I started in 2005:

This last block is one I substituted for the middle block - a pot of flowers.  I wanted to be able to turn the quilt round any way so did not want any directional blocks.  It fits in well with the others because it comes from the same designers just a different quilt.

  As I have posted there are nine blocks in total, sashed in HSTs and then a final applique border with swags and stars surrounding that.  I have been challenged by Sue and Lori to finish up one block a month so I had better get on with the HST sashing hadn't I?



  1. It will look so lovely! Get on those HST's - I want to see this one all together!!!

  2. Yes! I didn't realize you had so many blocks done...geez, you don't have far to go!! Fantastic!!

  3. These are beautiful!!! Thanks for your sweet comment and have a fantastic Thursday!

    xx's Kristin

  4. What about a picture of the completed quilt. How much more work is there? What you have done so far is so lovely, it is a pity you have abandoned it. You really MUST finish this one.


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