Monday 9 May 2011


Did you realise I love shopping!?

Well, on Saturday on the way home from dropping the Tudor Princess of somewhere I visited a favourite little shop called the Pepperbox in Cuckfield (pronounced Cookfield) in Sussex.

It is owned by the lovely Sarah who takes brown or pine wooden furniture and paints them up in subtle Farrow & Ball colours so they can go on to have a second life - check out the photos on her website. 

From her shop I have bought a lovely small chest of drawers which sits by the front door and holds my collection of hats, scarves and gloves.  I also have a lovely chair in my bedroom, plus the most glorious collection of glass and metal baubles and hearts which were hanging from the beams in our upstairs library at Christmas.  Indeed the hearts are still up there!

But it's not just what is there that makes this a wonderful place to visit it is also the warmth of the welcome you get.

Here is what I bought on Saturday:

These Easter Robins sort of smuggled their way into my handbag heart!  Was also tempted by some furniture but just managed to resist....not much room left in the house!


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  1. ohhhhh...I love shops like that! The robins are cute in pretty spring colors. Love the glass hanging from the beams....LOVE that you have beams AND a dedicated library! You go girl!


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