Thursday 28 February 2013

Is it finished?

I have added a couple of triangles to each end of my Dolly Mixtures runner - just to make life a bit more complicated - and a scrappy border made up from the strips I had already cut out to make my little nine patches!

 I found some material in my stash as the backing but sadly not quite enough so I added a bit of green and another wee scrappy strip to make do.

It didn't take long to baste and decide on a bit of cotton perle stitching round each heart and just inside the scrappy border.

This leaves quite a bit unquilted and I am wondering if it is indeed finished or not?  

Was thinking perhaps the 'v' shape provided by the triangle was begging for a quilted heart?  Or perhaps lots more straight lines would look good in the border?  Or maybe a line of cross stitch-like kisses or straight lines and cross stitches....

The truth is I can't decide at the moment and it doesn't matter too much as it is finished off enough to use and I am considering this as done and ticked of both FAL and Lazy Bum list....unless you know better?

I also made a mini quilt as a wee present for someone who has waited patiently for overdue bee blocks is on it's way!

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Tidy up yer Stash!

Ok this is my kind of Spring cleaning!

And look what arrived yesterday....

Bit more tidying up to do then!   

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Is it Spring yet?

Well I think this little birdie is wanting it to be!

I made this using a pattern by Kirsty at quietplay - she has some lovely ones in her Craftsy Shop here!  

This little bird will be made into a pouch for my bird loving swap partner in the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap.  Then I will be looking for all the birdie leftovers from my Tweet Tweet quilt - I have hidden them somewhere - as we need to include a FQ equivalent of scraps!

They look a bit like this...

Can find the quilt - but not the leftovers - might be time for a big tidy up!

Saturday 23 February 2013

Dolly Mixtures!

Did you ever eat these?

Some of the first sweets I probably ate as they are soft and less likely to cause choking.   Probably much healthier stuff around now with less sugar and E-numbers!

Well I don't usually work in these colours but yesterday I did!

It started out as one lonely block I made up as a possiblity for the Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap - the original one that my friend Susan was running and lured me into - yes it goes back that far!   

Unfortunately my partner didn't notice or like it so it has been lying around on its ownsome waiting patiently for it's turn to get friends or be made into something.

The cute little flower fabric was a gift from my then new friend
Helen or Archie the Wonder Dog as we also know her !

I had to have a look to work out the measurements again but actually it is a very simple make and fun to see the pairs of fabrics become sweet little Scandinavian interlaced hearts - usually seen in red and white card on the Christmas tree full of sweets!  Yum - back to Dolly Mixtures!

Anyway one became 12 and here they are

A close up of two sweethearts

I was left with a little pile of triangles 

But even I am not that stingy!  They went in the bin!

Onto some borders now and maybe a finish in February and a crossing off my Lazy Bums and FAL lists!  That's got to be good!

Friday 22 February 2013

Siblings Together And the Bee a Brit Stingy Bee

The Bee a Brit Stingy Bee is making a group quilt for Siblings Together - a charity which provides holiday camps for children who are in care and separated from their siblings!  At the end of camp they get to keep their quilt - though last year several needed persuading that they could take them home!  (I tear up every time I think of that!)

We are making a Scrappy Trip in boyish colours of red, white, blue and grey and the blocks have been rolling in to me and although made from different stashes they go together so well!  I will be putting it together and quilting it - what fun!   I have the best bit I think!

Blocks provided by Helen, Sheila, Janet, Catherine, Colette & Karen

I am thinking of a layout of 25 blocks in a 5x5 grid so we are more than halfway there.   This isn't the final layout of course but every time I put them together I think that can't possibly work - then I take a photo and it does seem to!  

I can see why this quilt design is such a popular one - it seems to work in any and every colour scheme.

Other Siblings Together quilts are to be seen in the Flickr Group here!   There are other Scrappy Trips and lots more.

I am still mulling over the design for one I will be making from this fabric kindly donated by Liz.  If you have any suggestions - I am all ears!  Well not literally you understand!

Thursday 21 February 2013

Playing with leftovers!

No I'm not serving up a pot luck stew to the children!  I meant leftovers of the fabric kind!

While making the X+ blocks for Emily this week I thought as a Bee a Brit Stingy Bee member I should use up the bits that get cut off!   Yes I can be that mad sometimes.

So as I was making my blocks to form the X bits I just stitched another line back across my 2" squares and made some tiny HSTs!  

Here is what I first made using a couple of vintage sparkly buttons

And here is what I second made

And the moral is .....don't throw those leftover triangles away or you could be missing out on a pincushion!   Just think how many of these we could have been making over the years??  Hahaha!

And if you think I'm mad take a look at this!   Now that is stingy taken to a whole new glorious level!

Wednesday 20 February 2013


Last year seemed to be the year of joining bees - it started with one in January 2012 and somehow became five at the end of the year!  Not sure how that happened....?   I guess I thought if one bee was fun, more would be more fun??

But I have to say I have learnt lots in the process, made new friends and tried things I wouldn't have!  So that is all good.

Trying to catch up on all the blocks is not so good - especially when you have fallen behind in making them.

So the last few days have been bee block marathons

Susan's Churndash blocks - which are not as dark and gloomy as these photos suggest - WE NEED MORE LIGHT !

Helen's blocks

Emily's X+ blocks - loved making these though fussing about with the fabrics may have taken more time than strictly required!

And her siggy block.
I have already sent Janine's block to her and she has received it

With a butterfly pincushion to accompany her butterfly Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired block.

Jennie's blocks went out too and they have arrived!

IMG_0409Quatrefoil for Jennie

Quatrefoil for jennie

And here are two extras for Deb who has been waiting too long....

Still got to wrap most of these up and send in the post - I'm not too quick on that bit - must be more focussed !  And a few more to do - some really challenging ones....

And huge thanks to Jude who has just taught me to import photos from Flickr!  Never knew she was such a techy genius!  Thanks!

Monday 11 February 2013


This quilt top came into being on a whim....

First of all that temptress Katy Jones showed off some lovely things in her usual showcase whats-new-american-pussycat and this one caught my eye!

So I found myself ordering the pattern online here and as it is a PDF it took hardly any time to arrive - how I love that!   Instant gratification!

But what fabrics to use? Well it took no time to decide that the much talked about Oakshott Ruby Red Fat 8th Pack would make a stunning quilt.  I added some crazy glitter pink fabric from the lovely Helen and some Kona white.

I ordered them, they arrived and because I had other things to do I only got as far as making 231 HST blocks!  Yes that is correct!  I don't much like HSTs but the colours were so pretty they helped.

Then they lay in a basket waiting for their moment and this weekend was the time!  I'm supposed to be working on something else right now - sound familiar - but I pulled a muscle in my back recently and my other project is getting to the stage where I need to wrestle a bit with it - not good for a sore back!   So it was HST time ...

First there was one quarter

Then two

Then all quarters were together and I wholeheartedly decided I liked this quilt top!  The borders were quickly added and the top was done, and here it is!  

And a closeup...

Haven't ironed it yet which is why it is a bit puffy but I sort of liked that look.  Will get onto flattening that quilt top down soon but I thought it needed an air filled moment!

I didn't venture out into the slushy snow that is falling down to take a pic but taped the top over the window.  I do love that stained glass effect of backlighting but even so it required a bit of picmonkeying around ....come on Spring I need you!    

Saturday 9 February 2013

Bee-ing Friends

You know you have bee friends when you receive blocks like these!

From Janine - England

From Fiona - Latvia

From Patti - Canada

From Benta - England

From Cindy - USA

In the Star of Africa Bee we are representing our country in making blocks for our bee friends across the world.  You may have seen Nessie, a Highand bull and Scottie dog representing Scotland on my behalf.

But these are the blocks I've received so far having asked for favourite children's books, myths, legends etc!   I am overwhelmed with joy to receive these beautifully designed and crafted pieces of work!

I am going to make a bookshelf wallhanging when they all arrive to hang in my sewing room and remind me of these creative friends!   

We have all fallen a bit behind in our schedules but it takes time to consider how you can represent your country in the guidelines given by the Queen Bee and more time to implement it!   I know I have been challenged!

But I think the results are well worth the wait!

Friday 8 February 2013

Comings in!

Look at all the lovely things I received recently and shamefully haven't blogged about .....

From the lovely Kelly aka chunky09 in the London Modern Guild Pincushion swap!

From the lovely Di - a Liberty infinity scarf(wearing it right now)....I owe her a fabric basket for this  

From the lovely Helen - isn't this wee cutie the most adorable - it is the length of my thumb in case you were wondering...

Made from Japanese fabrics - the highlights!  That sneaky wee wolf in Granny's hat is up to no good!  But I'm hoping that little Red Riding Hood has been taking self defense lessons as the woodcutter is nowhere in sight - not sure the bird and squirrel can help!

From the lovely Karin - I have made a leaf coin purse to swap with Karin but shamefully have not sent it yet!   Do you see on the postcard the squirrel is looking at Mrs Pepperpot!  Love that story!

Karin has already sent me some gorgeous Dala horse fabric which I love and here we have a little witch/fairy and some more horses!  Perfect!

I am a very lucky person to receive such goodies!  I don't deserve them but don't you try and take them away!

There may even be more things to show you ....soon!


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