Monday 30 May 2011

Jelly Roll Quilt Update

This quilt top is big - to fit our king size bed.  I may have overreached myself with taking on such a beast.  It has certainly put me off layering and basting it.

This is another quilt which started off in a Carolyn Forster workshop - the Jellyroll Sampler quilt!  You can read more about that here in my original post.

The wadding/batting is Hobbs heirloom 80/20 bleached cotton as the white fabric is not quite opaque - wouldn't want off-white wadding/batting showing through!

This is the fabric I have chosen as the back of the quilt.  A nice bright turquoise dottty fabric for a 1930's repro quilt.  Along with this green and blue Anna Griffin fabric which will be the binding - when I get to that stage.

I intend to quilt the outline of the blocks, but for the alternate plain white block, I fancy doing something traditional that will test my quilting skills!

I bought this book, which you can get here, to help me find a pattern that would fit with the 30's era.  Here are a couple of my current favourites. Which one(s) do you think I should use?

There are also triangles to quilt as the blocks are all on point so I need to be able to use half the design.  I may also quilt the narrow white border.  The pieced borders will either be outline quilted or maybe cross-hatched. 



  1. that is a really beautiful top. It will definitely be a big job quilting. Very rewarding though.

  2. Yikes! Thats a lot of quilting. Good for you! I think I like the second quilting design, not sure why though... What a pretty back.

  3. Oooh wow I want to get my hands on the two books in your last two posts now! I love those traditional patterns and designs and shapes - more to add to my TTD list!


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