Thursday 26 May 2011

Trip to China Town!

My friend Eloise and I visited the Cult of Beauty exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London on Sunday but after that our visit to London was not over!  Oh no we like to make a day of it!

We have both been learning Mandarin Chinese for about 15 months and so we visited China Town in Soho behind Leicester Square.  Here you see the gates which mark the entrance and Eloise casually standing in front....

a chinese lion....

a restaurant with lots of Beijing roast duck hanging in the window and Eloise...(no she is not hanging in the window - just the duck - heehee)

a Chinese supermarket

It was a chance for us to explore the wares here and to look for chinese script which we recognised.  I have to tell you that there was a lot more that I didn't!

some lucky cats which spent the whole time waving their upraised paw

and one gorgeous little Chinese miss!

Zai tian!  Goodbye!


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  1. Did you go for dim sum? I love (seriously one of my favourite things food wise) dim sum. My girls can eat their body weight in it. In fact I think they can eat more than me now. Show them a dumpling and a steamed barbecue pork bun and they are in heaven. We go to Chinatown every time we go to London.


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