Friday 27 May 2011

Old quilt books but new to me!

I recently followed up something I read on Carolyn Forster's blog , about some out of print quilt books she has collected, written by Jan Halgrimson.

I bought three of Jan's books through the services of Abebooks UK and am very happy with my purchases.  One came from a book shop in the UK but the other two came all the way from the US.

Here is a photo of all three:  Patching things up, Scraps can be Beautiful and Quilts - Start to Finish 

But I want to focus on this book today

Quilts - start to finish has twenty quilt patterns with quilting designs included and is co-authored by Shirley Thompson. 

It has an introductory section which gives brief instruction on how to make a quilt - including piecing, applique, trapunto, layering, basting, quilting and binding  

Now I want to show you something inside:

This is a scrappy Indian Hatchet block.  The instruction for making this quilt are quite brief so maybe unsuitable for a beginner but for the more experienced quilt maker all the information is there including templates, yardage, border sizes and quilting patterns, even a brief description of string piecing...

I would like to make a quilt using this scrappy block  - I think it could look very different depending on the scraps used and how you organise them.   Something to think on and collect scraps for....

Do you like old quilting books and which ones would you recommend and why?

I love our new books and am inspired by them but I do also love old books and wonder who owned them and whether they made anything from them - there are no marks to indicate anything on this one.  I may be the first...?



  1. I love quilting books! Your Indian Hatchet Block is very similar to the Liberated Wedding Ring from Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran's book. If I recall they have made it into a larger is fabulous! What great books you have there!

  2. I've been pondering making that quilt too! I really want a quilt pattern to use up my scraps.
    It looks like a good book! I like that is has the quilting patterns in it too.


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