Sunday 29 May 2011

More update on Birds in the Window!

I told you this quilt didn't want to sit on the shelf.  It likes hanging on the washing line flying this way and that....

I just added a teeny accent border in shocking pink - I think it makes your eye follow those pink birds.  Followed by a decent sized border in ever popular It's a hoot!  More of a chirrup with these birds really I would have thought....

Sorry pictures are not great - evening sun!  I spent the day getting my daughter's stuff ready for her first guide camp.  Don't know who was more nervous?  And I have just realised I need to square off my borders - oh dear I was in too much of a rush to take the photo!

Now need to work on the back of this quilt - hope it comes together as easily!



  1. Super cute and the colors are veyr lively!!

  2. I absolutely love your quilt. The tiny pink border is perfect. Love it so.

  3. Looks amazing! the pink definitely frames it well and the green is lovely. Well done!

  4. The pink border is perfect! It is turning out really cute, and who hasn't been so excited to show off a quilt top that we are willing to show it "not quite done"

  5. I think adding that pink border was inspired.

  6. Gorgeous - I've wanted to make a bird themed quilt forever but never worked out exactly how I want to do it!


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