Thursday 5 May 2011

Basket sampler UFO!

When I started my basket quilt I was doing some quick research on basket blocks and was quite amazed by all the different basket patterns and tried to collect as many as I could.  I think I got up to about 49 different variations.

Here are just a few from EQ6 - a birthday present I'm still trying to get to grips with...

I then decided I had to make a basket sampler using all or some of those 49 blocks.  Given that the patterns were all to be different I limited the palette to pinks, purples and cream - a more traditional colourway than my other basket quilt.

I have enjoyed making all these little baskets - each one a little treasure.  On the back of the quilt I was toying with the idea of making one giant basket out of scraps from the front. It may end up simpler than that.

Not sure about the bright pink - they may need to find another destination...and the purple seems to have come out darker than reality on my monitor.

Are you smitten with any particular block?  Not mine, but I mean like me and my baskets - there are so many variations out there it is fun to collect a few! 



  1. Your baskets look great! Are you paper piecing them? I adore baskets with the rounded handles! Your quilt reminds me of one I made for my daughter when she was little. It was a Carolina Lily and sat at the bottom of her bed. She had a gerbil at the time and somehow the corner of that quilt ended up in the gerbil the morning the quilt was chewed like nobody's business! Ugh! I love circular blocks!

  2. What a batch of sweet blocks! I've always loved basket quilts!!

  3. Nicky, I had a serious case of basket fever winter before last. Made two full basket quilts; much of my inspiration came from Piecemeal's blocks. You probably would like them, too, and they are here:


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