Tuesday 11 February 2014

Vintage blocks are fun

My vintage block quilt is growing...

9 circle blocks done and another couple to make I think

3 square blocks done and three, perhaps five more to do

45 propeller blocks done and at least nine more to make!

Thinking of starting with the square blocks as I have a few I fancy making.

This one might be the first...

I think the description sums it up!

Monday 3 February 2014

Life can be hard!

I have been accused of producing lots of quilts quickly however my guilty secret is that I'm a serial starter - heavens I think I started about ten new quilts last year while professing to being committed to finish my UFOs from years past.  

I am still itching to start new things but this year I am trying to keep myself under control - it is tough though.  But I do have help and here too!

Well with no good reason to start something new I have to be a bit crafty, a bit sneaky and am learning to be a maths genius too!  You see I have learnt that two sometimes will go into one (talking whole numbers here) !

I have these propeller blocks on my UFO list 

and my original intention was for a quilt full I think, but I got a bit creative, picked some blocks from some treasured out of print patchwork books and started producing something to go in between those propeller blocks - see sneaky huh?!   

Just couldn't face the idea of making lots of the same block over and over - the result of finishing off that schoolhouse quilttop!

I started making square blocks - love them - Turkey Tracks, Follow the Leader and Nosegay.   You can find instructions for Follow the Leader in Lynne and Kerry's book 500 quilt blocks (a 10" block)  or at 12" like mine in Charise's Vintage block quilt along though it is called Crazy Anne in her instructions.

Then was sorely tempted by a round block - Cottage Tulips

Then another - Cogwheel

Then another  - Cassiopia

And so on!   Unknown!??


Rising Sun

And most recently Rebecca's Rose

All the circles...

Now I have this many and I wonder if I have not been so sneaky after all? 

Not sure now if this is one quilt still....or two!  Ah well perhaps I'm not the maths genius I thought I was.....still I'm having fun with my new UFO quilt(s)!


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