Sunday 22 May 2011

Little Birds at the Window

I collected lots of cute bird fabric last year to use for an attic window quilt.  I have not done mitred corners before so thought that should be my next challenge!  This is a new project for this year although I was planning it and buying for it last year.

 Here are my bird fabrics

I teamed them up with some solid fabric to form the window frame,

 and these are my first few blocks

I was only intending to make a smallish quilt with these -  about this size really.  But I think I will make three more blocks like this!  And maybe add a border or two!  That will make a reasonably sized single quilt.

If you've made one of these quilts do tell me what was in your windows...



  1. I hadn't seen the attic window block before, it's neat how it looks 3D almost.

  2. Love the birds in the attic windows. I've never made this block. Your's looks lovely.


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