Tuesday 24 May 2011

Trip to London!

On Sunday my friend and I went up to London to visit the Cult of Beauty exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum.  The exhibition was about the Aesthetic movement,  you know the Art for Art's sake lot and included artists, poets, designers, and playwrights among their numbers.  Famous names such as Rossetti, William Morris, Oscar Wilde and Edward Burne-Jones were all represented.

I loved the paintings but there were also gorgeous pieces of furniture, artifacts such as teapots, books, fireplaces, clothes, photographs, jewellry... There was even a digital representation of a room to represent 'the House Beautiful' a phrase that came into being in the latter phase of this movement.  The beginning of all those interior magazines I keep reading...

Sadly I can show you none of these things as photos are not allowed, but you can see some of the exhibits here! on the V & A site.

After our visit we had tea and scones in the Gamble room

A beautiful and appropriate setting as it was contemporaneous with many of the exhibits we had just seen.  We even had a young gentleman playing a grand piano while we refreshed ourselves.  He played with confidence and feeling but without written music!  Bravo!

Here is a photo of this beautiful museum from the inner courtyard.  This place is so rich in the crafts of Britain and indeed the rest of the world, throughout history from early times to modern.  I have to say it is my favourite museum and it never fails to inspire me.


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  1. A cream tea what could be better- Sound's like you had a nice day. The V&A is a fabulous building us Brits certainly knew how to build back then .


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