Saturday 14 May 2011


One of the other crafts I pursue is a bit of beading.  My friend taught me how to make necklaces and I dabble in this activity occasionally.  It is much easier than I thought so if you like a necklace to go with an outfit why not make your own ....

I took these beads in pink and green and some wire, which I cut to size with my handy cutters. 

I threaded the beads a few times before I got the effect I was looking for and with the help of some pliers and some crimps finished off my new necklace.  It is long enough that it does not require any fastenings - it just pops over my head!

Here it is:


And it only took a short time!

This way I can get a necklace in the colours and beads I like, threaded on either wire or thread, and if I don't like it I can take it to pieces and make something else.  It is all at a price I like and I get the satisfaction of creating it!  What more could you ask?



  1. Very pretty, you multi-tallented woman, you.

  2. How fun! And perfect as a gift too!

  3. As Susan said - a woman of many talents. Is there anything you can't do?


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