Tuesday 17 May 2011

So much garden in May!

Well there were just two many photos for just one post or even two....

Any ideas which fruit this is?

And what about this fruit  - not so common...?

Do you see anyone lurking in the pink undergrowth? 
 No? Well, let's take a closer look....

I think he's the star from bug's life on holiday in the UK!  Smile!

We had Camassia leichtlinii alba, mystery plant?, a fern - thought it was the shuttlecock fern but not so sure, more mystery plant?, and the pink flowers of polygonum bistorta.


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  1. Nicky your garden is amazing! I think we will be able to keep our garden nice and green a bit longer this summer...yesterday we didn't even hit 50 degrees...in Ohio! It has been more damp and cooler than I can ever remember...but quite honestly, I am loving it. I just dread the heat. Thanks for sharing more of your pretty garden:)


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