Monday 2 May 2011

New to the stash - a bit more skirt!

I have been buying again !

How could I resist this loveliness from Simply Solids:

 1/2 metre of Earth Elephants and 1/2 metre of Kona School Bus

Plus more exquisiteness from Seamstar:

1/2 metre of Moda Bella Solid Neutrals and of a Light Blue (sorry do not know name) plus 1 metre of Anna Maria Horner - Innocent Crush - Loves Me in Golden

What's on the horizon - two skirts of course.  Cannot wait to get wearing those - just need to choose a pattern.... I'm thinking A-line or drop waisted....they suit my shape best!

 Any suggestions girls?

And I feel I am actually saving money as to buy a skirt like these would cost a lot more wouldn't it?

What skirt style is your favourite?


PS I've tried out the free Moda Bella colour match service offered by Seamstar and they haven't let me down.  Prompt, solicitous and accurate intervention to prevent a mismatch.  What more could you ask?  Thank you Seamstar! 


  1. I would go for drop waist I just prefer them to A line, those two styles are what suit my figure too as Im a bit of a pear shape (actually quite a lot of one lol)..Ooo tell me more about this colour matching from seamstar, I didnt know anything about it, do you just send them a swatch of what you have and they match it for you?

  2. I've just bought some cheap fabric locally to have a go at making a skirt - it must be 25 years since I last tried! The pattern I will use is Burda 8090, but I bought it in Czech Republic and it's in all languages except English or Czech. Will have to battle on in French!

  3. I like a drop waist too. I rarely make garments anymore....and I hardly wear skirts or dresses anymore as well. But I do love wearing skirts - they are so comfortable. Can't wait to see what you come up will have to model it for us :)


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