Tuesday 3 May 2011

Utility stitching

This little quilt was started in October 2010 - so not that old a UFO, more a lapsed WIP!

I attended a course at the Quilt Room led by Carolyn Forster where she got us quilting a pre-prepared strip quilt with a selection from a list of big stitches,  mennonite tacks, crows feet, running cross stitch,  Methodist knot, and the Amish wave or elbow quilting.  This last one was by far my favourite.

Here is a close up of my efforts:

I used threads in lovely colours I had originally bought to make lace - so a bit of re-purposing was going on as I haven't made lace in ages!  They are DMC 80 in a raspberry colour and green.   For the Amish wave, I used a  thicker thread, looks like perle cotton in pastel lime green (sorry lost the label).

The fabrics are from a Heather Bailey jelly roll and some plaid I had.  Maybe the fabrics are a bit busy to show up the stitching or I may need to use a more contrasting thread for stitching.....Might make some changes ?

Nice little project that deserves to be finished off.  I will enjoy this when I get back into it.....whenever that is ??



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