Wednesday 4 May 2011

What to make with those granny squares!

I bought this book recently and have already completed one project - my crochet cushion

But the project I thought I was going to do first was a bag made from granny squares.  It is lined in fabric and I thought would make the perfect knitting (or crochet)  bag. 

Loved the colour choices of the original so I made no changes there and  I bought the wool from Laughing Hens, ready to get crocheting again!  Here are the lovely colours - don't you just love to see gorgeous balls of wool together?

They are Rowan Belle Organic DK in Moonflower (white), then clockwise, Cornflower, Tomato, Basil (main colour), Peony, Hibiscus, Robin's Egg and leftover Cilantro in slightly thicker Rowan Belle Orgaic Aran.

Here is my progress so far...I have 3 done but have a total of 27 granny squares to make...

And another photo because I couldn't resist it:

Will I finish this week?  Follow my progress to find out.....!



  1. Oh, I want, want, want that yarn, and that book. I am very envious over here. Must go now as need to look up that shop you mention. (Lovely, start on your projects by the way!)

  2. Those grannies are pretty!! Love the Rowan yarn and lovely colours. I am very curious about the bag, good luck!


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