Tuesday 31 May 2011

Old quilt books - but new to me 2!

I recently bought these second hand books by Jan Halgrimson from Abebooks:  Quilting - Start to Finish;  Scraps Can Be Beautiful; and Patching Things Up.

I posted about these books previously here !

I am focussing on the third book Patching Things Up today.  This book contains over 150 full size quilt patterns, many in two or three sizes, a mixture of pieced and applique designs.

Here are a couple of my favourite designs, the first is called Cassiopia.  I like the background pattern made when the four blocks are put together, plus the fact that you can use up your small scraps making this design. 

This pattern is called Spinning Star and can be continuous or made into a hexagon - looks quite different depending on which setting is used.


Both blocks have curved pieces so a bit more of a challenge and I would probably hand stitch these. 

I'm not sure which one I would like to do first.  They will have to join the queue of projects I want to start once my UFOs are out of the way but there are plenty of others in this book which are just as tempting...



  1. these look like books I would like too!
    thanks for sharing, nothing better then the older books I think!

  2. Another terrific book!! Are all the patterns as difficult as these look?

  3. They are some nice patterns. It's always fun to come across the less well known patterns. Were you "just looking" or are you likely to make these blocks?


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