Friday 13 May 2011

Utility quilts - photos from the workshop!

I have already blogged about my little quilt that I practiced some utility stitches on with the help and guidance of Carolyn Forster!

Well, at long last I have edited some photos I took during the show and tell part of the workshop where Carolyn displayed a collection of old quilts, or bits of quilts and some of her own, demonstrating the techniques she would be teaching us.

  simple lines



Diagonal lines

Baptist/Amish fans

More fans

Close up of fans

Carolyn's giant sized Granny's Garden

Sorry haven't got much to write about the quilts as obviously I am not as great a multi-tasker as I thought - can't take photos and write down commentary at the same time!  Hope you enjoy looking at them anyway.

  If you wish to know more you will just have to take this course with Carolyn or you will soon be able to buy her book on Utility Stitching!  Carolyn is at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City right now to promote her book! 

If you see her there please say hi from me!  She will be posting about her book on her own blog when she gets back so she said so follow the link and watch out for some further news - I'll be watching with you!!


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  1. What a great batch of quilts. The class sounds like a lot of fun!


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