Wednesday 18 May 2011

What did the postman bring?

The postman brought me a smallish package yesterday and inside there was colour!  Have a look for yourself....

There was colour and the potential of beautiful utility stitches on my Bear's Paw Quilt. 

I started out quilting by machine but two layers of flannel and woollen batting meant I wasn't aware of what lurked at the back - and that is what was there! Great big lurking tucks and folds, which need unpicking before I can go back to my comfort zone of hand quilting in these lovely threads.

I do like the back - the result of another mistake - not ordering quite enough fabric from The Homespun Loft!  Although I have to say that I had considered making a large bear's paw design on the back from the start but then decided I would just stick to one fabric to be quicker!  Hahaha!  More fool me!  I then had to unpick seams, cut up fabric, stitch it up together.  A real 'make do' effort just like a real pioneer.....

So much to learn.....

If you were visiting yesterday you will have seen some baby mystery fruits - greengages and mulberries!  Yum! Yum!  If I remember, I will show you when they are ripe and yummier!



  1. Bummer about the folds and tucks:( It's a great quilt and I lvoe the new threads!! Is that the thread Carolyn recommended?

  2. Hello Nicky, seems like we have a lot in common!
    Loving your blog, and your garden snaps!

  3. oh this will be fun to watch you hand quilt this!
    I would rather hand quilt then machine quilt anyday.
    the threads look great, nice colors!!!!


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