Sunday 24 July 2011

Churndash nine!

Previously I showed you a quarter of a quilt which I had made, inspired by a quilt by Julie from juliekquilts.

I have worked a bit more on this one yesterday evening and this is how far I managed to get

And here is Emily - she just couldn't help herself but get involved!  Isn't she pretty and nonchalant looking?  

Who would have thought she had just been racing backwards and forwards, and ended up running up this tree? 

But back to the quilt....

I really like it but wonder what to do next? 

Border or no border?  Julie's quilt had a four patch and outer plain border. 

At the moment I am thinking another narrow sashing all the way around but I don't think I have enough thirties fabric so it will have to be a solid fabric instead - I'm thinking red.  The tiny cornerstones can still be in thirties fabric and will help to finish my last scraps off.  Then possibly a white border ....and then?  Binding? Another border? Or I'm tempted to just go straight to binding in red now?

I'm not sure yet...thinking caps on girls what is your advice?


block size 14" square  finished size
top size 59" square 

thirties jelly roll
kona snow and peridot

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  1. I think it might benefit from a narrow border like you have going all the way through in sashing and then a bit of white and then the binding - but that is just my little two cents worth. Do whatever you like!

  2. As a beginner quilter, I have no advice to offer-- I'll leave that to the more experienced quilters, but I love your blocks and the colors! Churn dash has never been one of my faves, but yours look GREAT!!

  3. If it were my quilt I would just bind it in red, I dont think it needs anything else, it looks great as it is :-)

  4. I love the churn dash! I love the green! And I agree with the red and with Dana that is looks great :)

  5. I don't generally put borders on a lot of my quilts but my vote for this one is to border it. I like where your thought process was going.

  6. A quilt doesn't have to have a border and sometimes I think they look better for not having one. Do you have enough scraps to put strips together to bind the edge with? It looks very pretty and I could easily find it a home with me.

  7. I think a border would look nice - I suppose it depends what size you are aiming for? I looked at the Tudor princess - amazing! Puts my humble efforts into the shade - you have set the bar very high for future creations!

    Pomona x


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