Friday 1 July 2011


We all like a bit of shopping don't we?

Well I visited my local fabric shop yesterday and bought a few bits and pieces.

I met the owner there and cheekily gave her some feedback on some of her products.  They have just started stocking lovely trimmings from VV Rouleaux and Liberty and such and I have added to my collection on every visit as you can see here.

Yesterday's trimmings

The growing collection....

So I gave my hearty approbation of these but turning to her knitting wool asked if she would stock something a bit more interesting than the acrylic yarn she curently has.  I suggested Debbie Bliss Cashmerino as I like to knit and crochet with those yarns in lovely colours.  She explained that her customers seem to ask for this type of yarn (?) - it is cheaper and washable, I know - and hasn't the room in this shop to stock more wool but is trying to find bigger premises.  Perhaps some improvement in the offing...?

They also stock some quilting fabrics among the dress, upholstery and every  other variety of fabric they carry.  They have a very few pre-cuts and otherwise sell off the bolt but do not cut fat quarters.  They also stock some fat quarter bundles in the oddest selection but nicely tied up with ribbon.  I have now found out that they buy them in - which I am glad about as I would seriously doubt their judgement if they admitted to putting them together themselves.  My problem is that I ask every birthday and Christmas for fabric that the children have chosen but they will go for these odd assortments and I end up with something that just doesn't go together and hence cannot make anything with.   It is frustrating as the object for me was to make something out of the fabrics they had chosen ..anyway I have given my feedback and she has taken my email so I will wait to see what - if anything - happens!    End of rant!!

I'd rather end up with these lovelies

I went to the bookshop as well and bought this little book. 

I have another by the same author which set me off making yards of bunting.  She has been featured on TV with Kirstie Allsopp making a quilted stocking for Christmas and runs courses in several local quilt shops - but I haven't been on one.... yet!?

I am all set to do some little stitcheries inspired by this book and many blog sites, espcially with some of the lovely cotton perle thread I have been buying, possibly in lieu of quilting, but I have yet to choose my project.

Ooh I am planning and scheming and objects of great loveliness are dancing in my head - whether they will get started or will be as lovely when/if I get around to making them is of course another matter...

In the meantime notice something different about Cyril?

Here's a close up

Just couldn't resist one more tiny embellishment...



  1. Quilt shops often have bundles from reps but I would ssay that shop has some very pretty ribbons and on those gorgeous holders too. Maybe with more space she can be encouraged to strock what her customers need. Guess what? I have that book too and love anything by Mandy Shaw, her work is just gorgeous.

  2. Love the spools that ribbon is on. I would have it just for the spool! I do not ask my chidren to pick fabric for me because I see what they choose for themselves when they get the chance. I do not want fabric printed with fruit pictures, or very dark novelty prints, etc. No, I have not one ounce of trust in them. They but what they want to use, and they would do that for my birthday as well.

  3. I love those trims that you added to your collection. They are gorgeous. The new book looks delightful and Cyril looks sweet with the added embellishment.

  4. Love those trims! Especially the flowery bias binding - or is it ribbon?

    Pomona x


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