Monday 18 July 2011

Plaid String-along!

I signed up to participate in another QAL.   I guess you could call it a string-along!

The host is Julie of juliekquilts,  who made the original lovely churndash nine-patch quilt I have been trying my hand at in the last couple of days.  She has fairly ripped along with the QAL instructions and is just about finished her quilt if not actually finished.  

Julie's quilt is in plaids and very scrappy.  She has also featured a reader's quilt on her blog which was made of prints.  Both are lovely!

By contrast I have been a real sluggard and slow poke to get started but now have four blocks done and tried out fabric to set my blocks too.

But first here is my pile of plaid strings 

I have set my blocks in a similar way to Julie but instead of a nine patch cornerstone I have a simple print one.

I think this will either take hold of me and I will get my blocks done quickly or it will be done at a leisurely pace - a lot depends on the children as two are on holiday and one is in her last week at school.  Both she and I will be leaving our local Primary!  She has been there for seven years and I have been there for 12!  It will seem strange not to be standing in that playground... 

I am trying out a different colourway for me - you can probably tell from previous quilts that I love green.   For this quilt I thought grey would go with all the fabrics and then I added pale yellow so the sashing wouldn't be too gloomy.  I think I need more blocks to tell whether it will work or not...

Which colours are you drawn to and which do you avoid?   Fess up all those pink lovers - you know who you are...heehee!

As for me  -  I've told you I love using green and I don't much like taupe! 


Block size 6" square finished
Sashing in Kona Coal from Mandy at Simply Solids and yellow scraps

Inspiration Julie of juliekquilts


  1. Colour - bright colour, but paired with white or some other solid (like dark grey with colour) so that the colour isn't too over the top.

  2. Were you refering to me by any chance? I know there are many out there who hate pink but I love it. For me it is a cheering colour. I have been thinking that I could do this project with my vast collection of selvedges. Hmm. May have to give this some sewrious thought. I felt like a lost soul on my last time at primary school and missed the natter at the school gates.

  3. I think I can like a lot of colours depending on the shade and design of the fabric though I feel comfortable with blues.
    Go speedy!

  4. do you find the time ??? It looks great !!! love the strings....really effective !!!! xxxxx Might see you later for a cuppa ...if you time after riding ???? xxxxxxx

  5. Looks great Nicky! Another QAL? Wow! I tend to avoid brown...and I go for bright colors. I actually love pink, but I would have to say the right red and green are by far my favorite. Oh, I can certainly remember our last one leaving the elementary school. It was so sad. You see the same staff and parents everyday for years and years...not to mention you know this is the youngest moving on.

  6. I have strings on teh mind and was going to try and qal with Julie but it hasn't happened yet.
    Hmmm, I think I love all the colors.

  7. Hi Nicky...I have to confess to loving lilacs, purples and hot, hot could anyone not love it...but baby pink is blah...blah...blah to me....FWIW.

    Best wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  8. Fun block! I haven't seen many string quilts lately so it was fun to happen upon your post. I gravitate toward pinks, greens, and browns. I tend to stay away from burgundy because it just doesn't seem to go with my decor.


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