Tuesday 12 July 2011

Little orphan baskets!

Yesterday I picked up these orphan blocks I made when putting my basket quilt together and put them into a medallion with a bit of gingham, an accent border of pink and some leftover triangles.  This is now about 27" can't say square but almost....

Now I'm wondering what next?

Don't know if this is a wall hanging, a lap quilt or something else?

Do I square off the corners, keep with the octagonal shape?

Add more of the pink, go scrappy or what?

Complete brain disfunction!

Is this mini to languish in the UFO pile or am I to find inspiration somewhere?

I was quite happy when I started but have hit a wall...pondering is my next option but can you ignore a desperate woman in need..?

I think it will need to hang on my design board until inspiration comes....

Unless you ladies can help?



  1. Nope, I'm no help. I just used all remaining brain function to come up with ideas for the July bee blocks I need to do AND what to decide on for my bee blocks in September. The head is now empty of all creativity and I think I need a nap!!

  2. I would say your brain is functioning just fine....what a great little quilt! You could square it off....maybe add a border and make a table topper out of it? Or a wall hanging to match your quilt? Or a very large pillow? It looks fantastic - whatever you choose :)

  3. Well SS, I was going along the same lines as Mary and would have suggested a large floor cushion. You could keep on adding different borders to make it bigger, doing something different in each one. Like a do it yourself round robin. Nothing wrong with just putting it up on the design wall until the right idea comes along. How about making it a bit bigger and stretching it on a canvas for some different wall art?

  4. It would look lovely whether squared off or left octagonal. I love how you've set the basket blocks. Glad you were able to find them a home. I agree with Mary that it would make a great table topper or wallhanging.

  5. It's coming along fine. If you don't smaller projects, leave it on the design wall. Something will eventually call to you. The colours are lovely.

  6. Can't tell you which direction to go. But I do love those baskets!


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