Thursday 7 July 2011

Mosaic magic!

I know everyone is very clever at all this technical stuff but I am a technophobe by nature so it is all a bit taxing for me.

I am pleased to have sussed out how to blog with help from my daughter and to be able to load photos onto my blog - something she hasn't worked out yet, though I have no doubt she could if she wanted to.  

Since joining the Farmer's Wife quiltalong I have been grappling with Flickr - actually much easier than I first thought.  And recently I have been eyeing up all these mosaics that everyone does - how clever I thought, this would be a nice addition to my blog!

So I found out where to do it at Bighugelabs mosaic maker and here is my first effort

Room for improvement I know as the photos would be better without the writing and if my blocks were all turned the same way but I will get better...!?

So what are you all waiting for - if you are not already making mosaics - get to it!

So useful to sort out how to layout your blocks although laying them on the bed and taking a photo seems to have worked for me so far.  Onwards and upwards...

What other clever techy stuff do you have to teach me! tell!




  1. You and me are on par technically speaking. I just want to know how some people on flickr have square photos and mine are all rectangular!

  2. Nicky, I love the mosaic! It shows your blocks off nicely....I am always afraid to tinker too much with Blogger. But I might have to give this a try :)

  3. I miss out on so much with my technophobia but one day I will get to grips with it. Farmer's wife is looking more blue now.

  4. Love the effect of the mosaic. You certainly did a great job at putting all the photos together. I've never tried Flickr before but this inspires me to.


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