Tuesday 26 July 2011

Ding, dong!

My friend rang recently to ask if I wanted to go with her to the local church where they were displaying a collection of wedding dresses through the ages - including her own!

Of course I was up for that and here are some photos

First up a few flowers to set the scene.....

Next my friend and her daughter are waiting - is it for me or for the bride?

Must have been me as the brides are already inside.  This is the first dress we saw and it was a stunning one..

I am sorry to post so many photos of this one dress but there was so much detail to see...don't you think!?

This next dress is a special one too - it belongs to my friend!  She sewed all those buttons on herself....

And she dressed up her shoes herself!  Always was a clever arty girl or so it seems but I hadn't had the pleasure of knowing her at this point!

I will keep posting about these gorgeous dresses through the ages... wouldn't want you to miss out.  

Maybe you could tell me about your dress, your wedding day or send me a photo and maybe we could have a virtual wedding exhibition.  I may even get my own dress out ...now I wonder if I could still fit in it???  Maybe my daughter will have to model instead...



  1. Ha! I get my wedding dress out of the wardrobe just to look at it and remind me of the days when I was thin. I came home from work one afternoon to find my daughters playing in the garden, one in my wedding dress and the other floating around with the veil. My husband was happily watching the rugby and it was keeping them quiet!!!! It is our 30th anniversary in August. The dresses are just gorgeous. Can't wait to see more.

  2. My wedding dress hung in the wardrobe for years and we were about to move house- I went off on a course and left my DH to the move - Arrived back at my new home to find he had used my wedding dress to pack round the washing machine drum so it didn't move. When QUESTIONED he reckoned I was going to use it again anyway !.
    Divorce proceeding were nearly filed.
    Those dress are lovely and your friend certainly has a talent.

  3. These are lovely! I will have to show my girls your post...they are obsessed with 'Say Yes, To The Dress'. My dress is really very simple and it had long sleeves even though I was married in August! As a matter of fact...the next couple of weeks we will be celebrating 27 yrs.!
    The shoes are precious...

  4. I tried on some 'traditional' wedding dresses and laughed myself senseless with my best friend. Then I went and bought a very simple and elegant maternity dress. It fit perfectly! ;-)

  5. where was the exhibition? the church looks beautiful.


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