Friday 15 July 2011

A miscellany of things...!

I got up to a few different things yesterday

Quilty type things first

Two little spool blocks using leftovers from recent quilts.

I made these as I am going to a spools workshop with Carolyn Forster in October and I just wanted to test them out.  I know it is a long way off yet but I saw her little blocks and just had to give it a try.  

The 'thread' is the binding from my orphan baskets table topper and is on the bias so my thread is wound diagonally!  I find it quite disconcerting as I keep reading the spool and background differently every time I look at these blocks - sometimes the spool is the tan colour and sometimes the peach - guess they are too similar in value.  One good reason for the experiment - must make sure there is more contrast in the quilt...

As promised from yesterday I made a necklace or two from my bead purchases

For any beaders I strung the beads on wire and there is no fastening I just pop it over my head.  There is a variety of beads in gold and coppery colours and I was thinking it would be great for autumn but I like it for now two - just need a bit more tan....

This one the beauty is all in the lovely stone pendant - sorry I have forgotten what it is I was so mesmerised by the markings.

Quite a busy day and I took my son to his guitar lesson - took my rose dream blocks with me but didn't stitch....I was reading the newish craft magazine Mollie Makes issue 3

Need to get down to some serious quilting - tell me what have you been putting off till later...apart from housework, not really interested in that!



  1. There should be a moral in the tale of why you don't need to do housework. I did that all yesterday, have my sciatica back and all that moving of dust has left me with a blocked up nose, so now I have had antihistamines and painkillers. A nice sewing day for me today I think in my nice clean sewing room. Love the little klosjes blocks. What size are they?

  2. Love, love the necklaces. They are gorgeous and unique. I spend my life putting things off. I am a world class procrastinator. I am most definitely putting off finishing the girls' quilts. And doing a zipper. And making them summer dresses. And booking the ferry to the IoW at the end of August which means we will probably have to go a some stupid time to get a crossing. I coud go on but the list would never end.

  3. lovely necklaces, they are both beautiful.
    I have been putting off making some headway on my boys story blocks. Back to work monday and still haven't even looked at them!
    love the spool blocks too!

  4. Love your spool blocks! And your necklaces are got on that quickly! And thanks for the preview of the new Mollie Makes...I need to pop over to the book store and pick one up!

  5. Lovely necklace, Nicky. I made some very similar some years ago. I like the style. Keep on the good work.


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