Wednesday 27 July 2011

Ding, dong again!

This is the second part of the photos on the wedding dress exhibition....

Are you sitting comfortably....then I'll begin

Look at the train on this one!

Another of the earlier ones!

Do you see the hooded one - for a winter wedding!

A beautiful beaded detail of a fragment of an old dress in this photo...

Now that's what I call a wedding photo!

Another early specimen

A detail of those gorgeous buttons

Well we cannot all have a sunny day!  Mine wasn't!

  Last shot - what was special about this one?  It was very pale blue!  
50's I'd say, wouldn't you?

And that's the end unless you all send me a photo of your own wedding dress/day!  But in the meantime I hope you enjoyed that!



  1. Some of those dresses are so amazing - and made by hand too, I presume. Done before the days of sewing machines everywhere. Makes my efforts with perle cotton look a bit feeble!!

  2. Aren't they masterpieces. Rained on my wedding day too. Ho hum. It's not the wedding that counts, but the marriage - 30 years in November.

  3. hi Nicky, I just came over to say thanks for leaving a comment about Bruce, and I'm really pleased I did- it's been lovely looking at the wedding dress photos.

    I particularly liked the winter gown with a hood as we got married 4 days after Christmas with snow on the ground, and I had to sacrifice my pretty bridal undies and garter for more substantial thermals!

    Jack looks like a lovely horse to ride (easy to fall in love with too!) and I agree that the horsey smell is not often appreciated by others!

    Bruce is just under 16hh and is rather chunky, especially in the summer as he seems to get quite "portly" on the grass.

    Although he's exceptionally well mannered to ride, sometimes he recalls his hunting background when we're out in the open and things can get a little more fraught than is good for either of us!


  4. Hi SS,
    More lovely gowns to look at. I love the 50's pale blue short dress. That must have looked so elegant. It rained heavy on our wedding day too. The following day was glorious. My friend's wedding day - lightening struck the church and the lights went out!!

  5. I'm so glad I stopped by your blog. The wedding gowns in this post and the previous one are stunning! What a wonderful display in the church. The only problem is that I don't live nearby, so I won't be able to see them for myself.
    We were married on a warm summer evening. Only one attendant for each of us. I sewed my own dress and the dress for my matron of honor, and I think I spent more money for hers than for mine. Total flower bill was $75 and we had our reception in the church basement. It was a small inexpensive wedding (by today's standards), and next week we'll celebrate our 39th anniversary.


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