Monday 11 July 2011

Farmer's Wife 7

Is it week 7 already? 

Here are my blocks this week

The periwinkle block - a bit like the flower shape I suppose  

 OK why is this one called the box?

Honeycomb - I get that one  

Three blocks this time so I could but them all together for this photo 

Is this coming together?  Will it gel?  What do I need more of?

Any suggestions gratefully received as I am sort of out of my comfort zone with these fabrics and such a range of colours - so don't leave me stranded!  

Think I also need to try some more complicated blocks next - don't want them all at the end.



  1. I think you have a pretty good balance of colour there. Looking good!

  2. they look great, they are making quite a lovely collection. I'm not good with fabric advice I tend to just wing it and hope for the best.

  3. wonderful blocks! The second {box} block I have always known as Whirlygig!!!

  4. Yes they're gellin'. Love the scrappy feel it is creating.


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