Saturday 30 July 2011

Rose Dreams - half way - or am I?!

I have finished handsewing all the blocks I cut out when I started on this quilt!  Bit of a slog if I am honest towards the end.   I think the remaining ones might be part machine, part hand sewn to speed things up.

I have set out the 18 blocks to see how they look

and now added a couple more (20 blocks) with some different layout schemes

The original quilt had 36 pastel multicoloured blocks but my interest in these is waning so I am thinking of finishing on 25 blocks in total, which would mean only five more.  I think I could do that especially if I machine sew the straight pieces and hand sew the curves.

My preference is for the navy blue line up the middle - so I need one more of those and some brighter blues for the other diagonal rows.  I need to lift those creams and greyer blue tones a touch.

Do I then add a border?  Perhaps a plain white solid border.  Do I add another border after that?  Mmmmm more moments of musing coming up.  Feel free to chip in with advice - I really want to finish this top!

Then I really need to think of a name - rose dream for a blue and white quilt doesn't sound quite right!  Perhaps Delft Dreams would be better, unless you have another suggestion...?



  1. No name suggestions. My brain is fried. But the blocks look really good so far - if that is any help?!

  2. delft dreams sounds perfect. I like the random arrangement the most, that's just me. It is going to be a beautiful quilt.
    Clever you! Have fun deciding.

  3. I bought a really good border book last week recommended by someone over on Flickr - it i chock full of border options and advice and is worth thinking about - let me know if you would like the name

  4. Another lovely quilt! My preference is to split the dark blue, one at each corner. Not sure about a name though. It doesn't remind me of roses for sure, but I can't quite see what it is.

  5. Delft dream.............sounds fab!! It is your call on the pattern formation as it is easier to see it in the flesh !!! Border would be great.......can't wait to see the finished quilt !! xxxxxxx


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