Saturday 30 July 2011

Vintage Market 2!

Here we are again at the vintage market...

A pretty chair newly upholstered

The back is as good as the front don't you think!?  I did try it out and it was very comfortable.

The lady who runs this stall has a shop in Arundel called Vintage Maison..

I love that little pink scooter...

This stall was asking if people were ready for Goodwood - our local racing circuit!

My friend has a thing about vintage aprons and her daughter went away with a different one... but we both liked this one!

Can you see us all in the mirror?

My friend's mother, my friend, her two daughters and me!

Even here we couldn't quite get away from just around the corner we saw this young lady in her beautiful dress - picture's not great I know but I only have a little snappy camera!

Are you wondering if I bought anything?  Well maybe I did...

The green glass plate at the bottom with a star on it, to join my others ....


A bit of vintage fabric...
enough to make a dress perhaps but certainly a skirt...

Most of an Indian shawl...sadly a bit had been cut off perhaps damaged

And that quilt top I showed you yesterday - just couldn't walk away from that one....

Another UFO but not mine this time....well it is now!



  1. Ah! Now we really do think alike. I am glad that the quilt top went to a good home. I am also seeing Camelot like patterns in those lovely green glass dishes.

  2. You bought someone else's quilt top! You have enough of your own. But I am sure you will finish it at an astonishing rate like you do all the others.

  3. Oh love your green glass! We call that Depression Glass...I have a ton of it...but not the patterns you have pictured. My mom-in-laws family collected it and it has been passed on to me. So glad you rescued the quilt was the right thing to do!!! You will finish it perfectly :)

  4. So many fun finds to drool over! I LOVE that green glass plate. It's so lovely and that quilt top is quite a treasure. I enjoyed seeing the pink scooter, too, and it's in my favorite shade of pink, no less! Thank you so much for taking us along with you!

  5. well done on your purchases!
    Love the green glass and well done for bringing home the quilt top. It will have a good home now.


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