Saturday 9 July 2011

Basket quilt finished!

As you will know from a recent post I have been dithering pondering about how to quilt this basket quilt - well those days are over and here it is in all it's glory....

The back is also pieced and although I tried to centre it I seem to have missed that target by a smidge.  As smidges are quite small I am trying not to worry about a little wonkiness here and there....between friends!

I have so far kept to just outlining my baskets in cotton perle and the border has the opposite - in-lining if you like!??

I was considering further decorative quilting on the background but for now at least I have decided against this to let the fabrics speak for themselves without distraction.  This quilt was made in tribute to the lovely fabrics so I have to defer to them...

The binding is two similar fabrics - one large scale, the other small scale flowers

My label is embroidered on the front in back stitch but not all the way though as this is a double sided quilt and I didn't want to end up with an unsightly mess on the other side

I am pleased with the outcome of this little quilt. It is a showcase for fabrics I love and it does that job pretty well I think.  I also love the simple quilting - I'm hoping you agree that it doesn't really need anything more.  My embroidered label is up front and visible in a contrasting thread - not so sure I want my stitching that visible but hey 'tis done and I'm not so bothered I want to unpick it and redo it.

So another UFO completed - that makes 3 (or 4 if you count the galaxy quilt as two quilts in one) and 9 to go I think...oooh that's a challenge!



  1. Do NOT unpick that label. It is fantastic. I love the way you have done it. The whole quilt is one to be very proud of.

  2. Well done to you SS on finishing what is a really lovely quilt. I love the colours and you have signed off the quilt in your own unique style. I would be proud to own it.

  3. congratulations on such a beautiful finish. It looks great!!
    I used to add an embroidery to my early quilts, I should again as I always forget to add a 'label'.
    I only have a small amount of unpicking to go on my hexie garden, have been working at it obsessively.

  4. Bravo! It is perfect! love the sweet! You are a clever girl Nicky :)

  5. Your quilt is lovely - the baskets are just adorable. I think it's almost impossible to line up a backing perfectly with the front. You did an excellent job. Love the label too!

  6. Oh my word, that is just beautiful. Such a lot of work you put in there and such a wonderful end result. And I too love your label


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