Friday 29 July 2011

Vintage Market!

My friend facebooked me this time!  Did I want to go to a Vintage Market?  What do you think?  Yes indeed!  It was held in the little village of Cuckfield in the old school house - itself a vintage location!   At first sight I thought this was going to be a tiny market but as we ventured in we saw one room followed by another with more upstairs and outside.  Here are some of the special things we saw....

This lady was kind enough to pose for a photo - she had some lovely pieces on her stall - pity her chair was at odds with the vintage look.

This lady didn't have a shop - she was off-loading a lot of her personal buys.  The dress she was wearing was an original she had bought from a car boot sale and I loved it too!  Doesn't she look fabulous?  

Some pretty brooches - not everything was of the period but they did have a vintage look

Cute doll and cot at this stall - some stall owners didn't want to be in the photos.....

Fancy a knitted acorn?  A doorstop I think!

Tea anyone?  Cute little fair isle jumpers for these little pots!

This stall was crowded with vintage toys

A beautiful vintage vignette ....

This looks like a scene from Country Living.....

A beautiful hand stitched quilt top made from shirting fabric and pink sashing....

These things caught my eye at the vintage market .....there will be more tomorrow!

Hope you enjoyed this little walk down memory lane at the Vintage Market!

Which one would you have taken home?



  1. Why don' they have vintage markets like that around here? I could spend hours browsing. You have had another good day out!

  2. I would have to take home too much!
    I love the dog on the toy stand, and the acorns, and the crockery,.....see what I mean!

  3. Looks wonderful! I hope you made some purchases!

  4. Yet another 'Grand Day Out'...................we manage to have so many !!!! xxxx Aren't we lucky ??? !!!! xxxxx
    Let's hope there is many more to come !!!!! xxxxx

  5. It's a no brainer - the pink and blue quilt top would have had to come home with me. I probably would have bought one of those brooches too.


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