Tuesday 19 July 2011

Red rocks!

When I showed you my necklaces I couldn't show you this one as I hadn't made it...

It went from this....

to this....

I really like this one and wore it out on Sunday.  I just love the colours!

One of those other necklaces I showed you previously was for my friend as I had gone to the bead shop without her and I think she liked it

Here is a close-up

I gave it to her as we were on our way out to an exhibition in her local church. What do you exhibit in a church?  Well in this case it was wedding dresses and I took loads of photos so I will let you see soon but I need to edit them first.  You will definitely want to see some of the beautiful early ones...and my friend's dress was there too!



  1. I am coveting your necklace now. Just my colours too. I shall be so interested in seeing your wedding dress photo's. I used to work for Sassi Holford many years ago. That is a beautiful stone in your friend's necklace.

  2. Great gift! You have a very good eye for putting the beads together. Multi talented, aren't you?!

  3. I loved my necklace, thank you Nicky!!! What a loverly surprise !!!! xxx Good time today.......always good company and a nice excuse for tea and cake !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Just so you know, I just nominated you for the Liebster Award.

  5. What a delightful color palette. The necklace is so lovely. You sure have a natural talent for making jewelry.

  6. great necklaces. Looks like your friend likes her necklace too. It's lovely.
    Will look forward to seeing your pics. Wedding dresses are always so beautiful.


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