Friday 22 July 2011

A commission!

I have been commissoned to make a quilt for a very exacting client - my son!  

He has never been interested in patchwork before but was telling me that the squares in patchwork are just like pixels.  He was telling me how to make a circle and so I asked if he meant something like this:

Then he got talking about space invaders and has now commissioned me to make him a space invaders quilt - and in case you do not know, or have forgotten he is thinking along the lines of this:

But in green and black. 

I think I remember that the space invaders game had lots of these chaps descending the screen firing shots like rain.  Maybe I'll have to play a few games before I can commit to this - just as research you understand!

Should I take this commission on or just play the game?  What do you think?



  1. Gosh I didn't know kids were still playing space invaders! We used to play it quite often in the pub before we were married. I say make it for him, but there again I'm not going to have to cut out all those little squares and sew them back together again

  2. I would accept the commission, you never know word may get around! lol
    Love the christmas wreath, it looks great. The space invaders would look fantastic. Weren't the invaders different colours and shapes? Or am I thinking of pac man?

  3. oh I would accept the commission , it would be fun to design the quilt with your son and then make it for him to treasure for years to come
    have fun!

  4. I hope you charge him appropriately!

  5. A commission is a commission and a huge compliment coming from one of the male varieties. Enjoy playing with both.

  6. definitely take the commission! How sweet that he wants you to make one for him :) Be prepared though, you will have all his buddies asking for one too - I am sure!

  7. Do take the commission! I love what you did with the wreath. It's so very festive.

  8. What a great boy quilt. I'd do it!


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