Friday 8 July 2011

Garden Visit

On Wednesday my good friend and I visited a National Trust property near us - a charming house, part ruined by fire but an even more delightful garden.  I would claim this garden as my own....if only!

I think the beauty in the photos is eloquent enough and no commentary is necessary other than to say we had to dodge some heavy showers and you can catch a glimpse of my lovely friend, camera and brolly in hand!



  1. Oh lovely garden! I love old structures...what is it about a garden gate that is so inviting? That gate with the tree just beyond is perfect...I would love to have a piece of land like that someday. Thanks for sharing - it is beautiful!

  2. Hey SS, I love walking round National Trust properties and that one looks to have some real architectural treasures around. Which one was it? We went to Lytes Cary a few weeks back and that had the most divinely scented roses ever and quite possibly the smallest window ever made. It also had a lovely hexagon coverlet on the bed.


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