Saturday 23 July 2011

Empty Spools Update!

Well Susan told me to just get on with it - to baste, quilt and bind the empty spools quilt.  So I am!

I used some Jinny Beyer Palette fabric for the backing.  I am using cotton perle yet again - this time cream - to quilt with big stitches round the spools and in the border.  

This is how it looks so far

The cats, Saffy and Emily, both decided my photos needed a bit more excitement with a walk through.  Emily even stood on the quilt but I thought that was going a bit far as she hadn't cleaned her feet yet from going outside.

I had hoped to finish but duty called and we had to attend a few events to celebrate my daughter's last day at the local Primary school after seven years and mine too after twelve....New chapter in our history coming in September and I have to go and buy lots of new uniform....ouch!


block size 6" finished
quilt size 31.5 finished

Lily and Will 
Kona Ash
John Louden pastel polka dot
Jinny Beyer Palette for backing

Scrappy spools block taken from 
Great Scrap-bag Quilts by Jan Halgrimson


Big stitch in cream cotton perle

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  1. Very pretty SS. What next?

  2. Looking good. I do love that spotty border fabric! Another one soon to be finished.

  3. looks great, love the feline models passing by. It looks lovely and fresh.


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