Wednesday 27 July 2011

Castle Wall!

Thank you for all your comments on the wedding dresses and your stories about your wedding days.  I think the best bits are when things go slightly wrong - it's awful at the time but makes you laugh hopefully thereafter.

Well I will share one tale from my wedding....

During the ceremony, we had got to the bit where we had to kneel down for a blessing I think and everyone started giggling - not that we noticed at the time - the bestman had tippexed on my hubby's shoes HE on the left one and LP on the was too late by that time and we only found out about it at the reception.  It did make us laugh....HELP!

But back to sewing...

I saw this beautiful quilt for sale on ebay and realised I had seen this block before.

I had noticed it in the second hand book Patching Things Up by Jan Halgrimson and I thought it was ok on the page but this beauty sold it to me.

Is it the pink sashing that appeals?  Perhaps it is the blue castle walls?  Or even the different way the blocks look depending on the value of the various pieces?  Or maybe all of these things, but if I cannot buy it, then I want to make it!

Here is my first attempt at the block, y-seams included, lots of them!  I have not yet squared it up by adding the corner triangles but the little seam ripper was in use quite a lot. 

I have ideas about this block but I am waiting on some fabric to arrive ....
oops another new project....and I was doing so well up to this point, nearly!



  1. When it comes to accumulating UFOs I think we are a good match!

  2. This is a beautiful quilt, but your block is just fabulous! And your Y-seams are flawless!!! Tell me you are going to do this in a quilt!!! It really is fantastic :)

  3. I think that is a fabulous project you have found. I think you could tackle Camelot no problem.

    We had a guest turn up at our wedding who hadn't been invited and he came with a present. Luckily someone else hadn't come so he stayed. It was a lovely day even the rain didn't spoil things.

  4. Nice block - there are endless possibilities with directional fabric like the blue one you have used.

  5. That is a gorgeous block. But looks like hell to make. Shall sit back and watch you create!

  6. That blocks looks nearly perfect! All your centers are coming together so nicely too!

  7. I adore the castle wall quilt !!!! Your work looks amazing....can't wait for an updated 'quilt show ' so I can see your new work xxxxxxxx


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