Friday 1 April 2011

More Confessions

 Another UFO - another course with Carolyn Forster but this one was started back in November 2009!!  Ooooh no not that long ago surely????  I'm afraid so.

This one is from her Jelly Roll Sampler workshop. 

I have used bleached white muslin and a couple of 1930's reproduction jelly rolls to make a HST sampler quilt.  It's a big one - it kept on growing as I was having so much fun and it is my first and only attempt at blocks on point.

Here is a close-up of the borders:

Close-up of some blocks:

I started off with one print and white but started adding another print which I preferred in the end. 

It looks like a Spring quilt so should be finished by now and on the bed!  Hurry up Nicky - still 81 days left before summer...well maybe it could be a summer quilt as well....173 days till autumn....phew, that's better!

Here is a new picture which shows it up better on the washing line:

But I did finish a cushion cover in red which I decided not to use in my quilt:

Carolyn's quilt was stripy and incuded the following blocks: Flying X, 4 Patch, Double X, Pinwheel, Sawtooth, Chevron Border, 16 patch variation and Broken Dishes, interspersed with sashing. 

You can see her original here! in warm browns, russets - definitely an autumnal quilt!  But visit her blog anyway as she has joined in the red/white theme that is going around and her work is exquisite as you will see here! 

It was on this course that Carolyn told me about Moda Bakeshop, Quiltville and Bonnie Hunter - and I have been a lurker since then until I read someone's post - cannot remember who that kind person was - but it really encouraged me to know that bloggers do want comments and then I started.  For fun I had invented a couple of names of blogs I would write sometime but then someone E-mailed back asking why I had not posted?  That someone was Bea from Une aiguille dans une botte de foin

So thank you Carolyn and thank you Bea, you gave me the prod I needed and now I am having fun blogging and keeping a record of all my projects.  By the way Bea's is another great blog to visit - original language is French of course but there is a translating gadget on her sidebar which can reveal all if required!

I told you which blocks are in Carolyn's quilt but can you work out some of mine? 

Happy Hunting!


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