Sunday 24 April 2011

Russian rabbit!

What are you expecting from this post?

Maybe not this?

I made this little rabbit from lace - it is in the Russian style and is a tape lace to define the outline with a filling of plaits, picots and circles. 

The pattern came from a Dutch book Motieven in kleur by Sebastiana van den Henrik.  It is the only thing I have done from this book as yet.  It is quite repetetive to make and allows little room for adaptation. 

I mounted it on a contrasting fabric to show off the lace and then did some outline quilting round the rabbit and big stitch quilting round the edge interspersed with some bright beads, the a contrasting border and finally a velvet binding! 

Still really like this piece, although I was a bit fed up with making all those picots by the end - but that's traditional Russian style apparently!

Do svidanya! or Until we meet again in Russian!


1 comment:

  1. this rabbit is beautiful! wow I have never tried anything like this.

    your kitties are just beautiful.


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