Saturday 23 April 2011

Easter decorations again!

Papier mache egg containers are used in Germany to hide a little treasure for a little child.  I got one of these when I was young and it has been used over and over again through my childhood.  

Bit of a grumpy looking Easter Bunny but so would you be if someone stole your eggs!

The collector in me decided to seek out some more from Ebay and the Ardingly Antiques market.  I particularly like the old ones.

These sit in a basket, with some more modern tin eggs, as decoration during the Easter season - I don't use them to hold something as our Easter eggs are hidden outside in the garden, if the weather co-operates.

And a big Easter bunny gives clues as to where the next set of eggs wil be found.  And if I am nimble enough I will get some action shots as some not so small children run around the garden :D - well it's a bit of exercise to combat all those naughty calories!  Me included...!

Have fun chasing down those Easter eggs!


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