Thursday 14 April 2011

Here is one I finished earlier!

This is a project I picked up on-line from the Calico Horse at Moda Bakeshop and was trying to finish for Christmas 2010.  Obviously I didn't quite make that deadline but it is ready for 2011!  Yeah!

It uses lots of 2" squares to make a pointillist picture of a Christmas wreath - Seurat would be proud!  You do have to stand back a bit to get the wreath shape but it actually was very easy to do and should not have taken as long as it did.

I changed things a bit by sewing on yo-yos for the berries, instead of using red squares - that's where I got bogged down a bit - suddenly realised I didn't like making loads of those and stitching them on. :)   I also embroidered holly leaves in chain stitch on the wreath but they don't show up much unless you get close.  I may add a few more leaves in a darker green. 

Anyway it looks nice on my lime green wall in the dining room and that's where it will be in December

What are you making for Christmas!


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