Thursday 7 April 2011

Don't you think Giveaways are dangerous?

Twice now I have thrown my hat into the ring for a Giveaway and been so tempted by the glory on offer that I have ended up buying the fabric/ribbons I thought I'd win. 

The second time I even bought the ribbon before the draw date on the basis that there were so many applicants that I was unlikely to win and in order to apply you had to specify what ribbon you would choose and what you would make with it - and once I had thought of it I definitely wanted to go ahead.

So I am going to make a beach bag with my Dan Stiles Marine bundle and this lovely ribbon below. 

All I need now is a gorgeous beach bag design...anyone got any suggestions as I haven't seen the ultimate pattern yet?  Here I have just mocked up the sort of thing I was thinking of.  It will have to have lots of zippered pockets - we all need those on the beach  - and I'd better check out some waterproof rip-stop lining for wet costumes...


Don't you just love those kissing whales? And do you see the scallops on the ribbon match the waves on the fabric.  I am soooooo in love with this idea.  You never know there might be enough fabric to make a matching beach quilt, which will have to be well padded as the beaches along his part of the south coast of England are all pebbles, at least until the tide goes out!

If you like this fabric then just go and see the lovely quilt made by Judith from Needles & Lemons

As I said Giveaways are dangerous - perhaps they should have a Government Health Warning:  Giveaways can SERIOUSLY damage your WEALTH!



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  1. That is such a great idea to make a bag with this wonderful fabric. So adorable. Thank you for mentioning me on your blog.


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