Monday 25 April 2011

Basket quilt progress!

I have been busy working on my little basket quilt recently. 

The blocks are all sewn together.  I have added a 1" folded strip in peach round the edge - is that called a filet?  Cannot remember, but someone will know???  If you do please tell me! 

Then a dogtooth border comes next in the same green check I used for all the basket handles.   That may not have been a good choice as I had to match up the seams on the border to those on the quilt.  It took several goes to get an acceptable result - still not perfect, so something I'll need to work on in the future!

This is the quilt so far:

I was wanting a fresh spring look and the fabrics do give it that - so thanks mainly to Kaffe Fassett but there are some others in there too. 

Now I just have to do get the back of the quilt sorted - I'm piecing it with leftover blocks and fabric.  Then the layering and beastly basting - although this is a smaller quilt and consequently easier job!  I am not sure yet how to quilt it except in the ditch - I shall have to ponder on that one!

If you have any suggestions - I'm listening or reading actually so leave a comment, please...



  1. What a sweet quilt! I love the gingham!!

  2. I love basket blocks and your top is very fresh and beautiful !


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