Wednesday 27 April 2011

Bear's Paw quilt UFO!

Yes I know another UFO!

I love the Bear's Paw block and when I saw the Worn and Washed collection of recylced red flannels I knew the two belonged together.

As the flannels were recylced I wanted a recycled background so I cut up some old flannel cot sheets we've used over the years and this is the result.

I was looking for a flannel backing for cosiness but could not find a supplier in the UK - think I have one now at The Homespun Loft and I am planning what do to on the back - as for quilting I think I need to practise my Amish wave quilting - don't you??  Just a thought...

Don't know how long it will survive but this is it's second life!



  1. I love it and it looks like the perfect quilt to snuggle in on a cold winter's night! Yay! for recycling!

  2. Beautiful recycled quilt! Snuggly and earth friendly.

  3. I love it Nicky! I used to have an blanket in Bear Paw pattern. I also love homespun check is so warm and comfortable looking:) But Nicky, what is Amish wave quilting? I don't think I know what that is. Love your quilt and you will quilt it beautifully, I just know it!


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