Saturday 23 April 2011

What do you do when you cannot sleep?

I was feeling too hot to sleep - how mad is that in April in England?

Anyway I started playing with fabric scraps on my sewing room floor at 2am and came up with this.  In the morning I went to the sewing machine and not sleeping suddenly got better...not sure what it is but it was fun doing it! 

And in close up

Monochrome mini madness!

I used it to practice some machine quilting as I have not done much of that and if I am ever to fininsh off my UFOs I will need to improve...!  First practice  - straight lines.  Methinks a few of these little monochromes are about to be made... and I could practise different quilting designs in each - what another project?

What do you do when restless at 2am? -  clean answers only please - I am British!!


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